Home Testimonials
Tom Leach

I have been a volunteer and supporter of the ea scholarship program for six years. Watching both the organization and the children it supports mature into highly valued contributors to the community of San Pancho has been one of the greatest rewards of my life. Entreamigos makes the town of San Pancho unique among the many communities I have visited in Mexico.

Brian Johnson

It is beyond remarkable that just a few committed souls and a bodega can transform an entire community into the incredible pueblo that is San Pancho.

Manny Hadlock

When you move to a new town especially in another country, the surest way to feel you have found a home, is to work in the community. Entreamigos allows that and more. You can give back and become the community helping so many along the way. Our choice to move to San Pancho 10 years ago was in a large part, because we could be a part of the growth of Entreamigos and San Pancho. And it has given us so much in return. HOME = Entreamigos,San Pancho

Dana Maxey

Entreamigos is the cornerstone of our village. It rose from two chairs and a table, on a sidewalk into an integral piece of our community, offering everything from a good book to read, to a new start for women of domestic violence, to a safe and interactive haven for children after school, to the voice for our environment. Each time I walk through the door, I burst into tears for the beauty that the joining together of like minds can bring to this earth.

Michael Baird

The moment you walk into Entreamigos... there is an energy that just makes you want to be a better person, a better father, and a better contributor to the improvement of lives! Thank you Entreamigos for changing my life!

MB Real Estate

We have participated with Entreamigos for the past 5 years.  The impact, the community and sense of belonging that they have created is like nothing I have seen anywhere else in the world.