A new language..

A new culture! Our spanish program has classes and cultural events to fit your needs. We’ll have you speaking spanish in no time!


Learn a new language and immerse yourself in culture and community

The Spanish School at entreamigos is open from October through May with classes for all skills and abilities.

The objective of the Spanish School is not only to teach standard language skills but to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the community and culture.  Students can choose to expand their skills and their studies by practicing to speak spanish with children in the afternoon programs or alongside adults in one of the galleries or workshops.

The Spanish Language School organizes cultural exchanges and offers educational opportunities, like cooking, dance, art and other classes. You do not have to be a Spanish Language student to participate in these classes. Please see our calendar for current activities.

The following are six week sequential programs. Classes are held 2 days a week with a total of 20 hours of instruction at each level. All materials are included in the class fee. To enroll, please email spanish@entreamigos.org.mx

Beginners 1,2 and 3

For students with no previous contact with Spanish or limited vocabulary and grammar skills.
After the course, students will be able to:

Beginners 1
– Greet in diverse social situations
– Provide and ask for personal information
– Express intentions and interests
– Ask about products and pricing
– Participate in simple daily conversations

Beginners 2
– Describe places, talk about location and weather
– Refer to and describe current events
– Ask about activities & interests; express
– Talk about relationships with family and friends

Beginners 3
– Master Level 2 objectives.
– Ask and provide particular and/or personal information in specific contexts
– Discuss current events in detail and express opinions.
– Describe circumstances and facts of the
immediate past
– Talk about previous events

Intermediate 1,2 and 3
Private Lessons

One on one instruction is available and is tailored to student needs. Please contact entreamigos if you are interested in enrolling in private classes.