Social Leadership at Entreamigos  *  Leadership for a better world.

What is “Social Leadership?”

Today, “leadership” is a catchphrase for all kinds of skills development programs.  As a culture we tout the benefits of teaching leadership to our youth knowing that it will benefit their attractiveness to an employer, their college admissions and of course, their futures.  But are we asking ourselves what futures we want for our youth and what kind of leaders we hope they become?  

  In Social Leadership we strive not only to build leaders, but leaders who broaden our vision, inspire us to care for our communities and engage us passionately in our responsibility to improve our world.

The Entreamigos Social Leadership program is designed to engage students in an active process of leadership development with the intention to improve self awareness, teamwork, social and communication skills while inspiring leadership that practices compassion, collaboration and a commitment to effecting positive change in our communities.   

Entreamigos offers 1 day intensive team building programs as well as 3 and  day leadership workshops for high school and university youth.

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Social Leadership at Entreamigos —  The details!

Retreat format

Students will engage in a full schedule of workshops, classes, community projects and presentations. On most days schedules will begin at 8am and end at 10pm.   Housing and meals are provided on-site and included in the cost of most workshops.  

Workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of the visiting school or group.  They may include , cultural immersion, service learning, team building and team dynamics and project planning.  All workshops include social leadership and communication skill building activities.



All participants must be selected and approved by their schools.

All High School groups of six or more must be accompanied by an adult representative of the school.    University students do not require a school representative.


Housing, Meals and Capacity:

Entreamigos currently has housing capacity for a maximum of 12 students.   A minimum of 6 students is required to schedule a leadership weekend or week long retreat.  Larger groups may be able to be accommodated but must be reserved in advance.

The housing provided is a clean, airy and well lit LOFT space located inside the Entreamigos facility.   Sleeping arrangements are in an open dorm style.  Individual beds have comfortable mattresses, a nightlight, cell phone charging station and privacy curtains.  Restrooms and showering facilities are located adjacent to the dorm.  All students are provided keys to the dorm and additional security lock boxes are available.  Housing is private, only workshop participants will be allowed in the housing facility.  

Meals are provided on-site at the Entreamigos cafe and throughout the community in reputable restaurants and by local providers.


Program Development

Nicole Swedlow, Founder – Entreamigos San Pancho A.C.  Director Social Leadership development

Former Executive Director of Entreamigos (2006-2017). Recognized as a global leader and contributor to the United Nations Stone Soup initiative. Recipient of the  “Unsung Hero of Compassion” award presented by the Dalai Lama in 2014.

Maria Carolina BaronioDirector Social Leadership curriculum development

Former Education Director of Entreamigos (2008-2017).  Education consultant for regional schools. Mind/Body practitioner, movement therapist.


Mentorship and Staff Training

Rick Kahn is an independent executive coach and strategic partner at FMI.  He specializes in leadership development, communication skill training and succession planning.  Clients include Stanford Research Institute, eBay, Thortonthamasetti and Turner Construction.

Hank Fieger is the founder of Hank Fieger Associates, an international boutique coaching firm specializing in professional development, presentation skills and teamwork training with a client list that includes IBM, Apple Computers, Adobe Systems and the United Nations.

Robert Graham is the president and founder of Grahammcomm Inc, an organization that focuses on presentation skills and sales training in the technology sector with clients including Facebook. Twitter, eBay, Microsoft and Sony.  


For more information or to make a reservation, please contact