Youth Entrepreneurs

The Youth Entrepreneurs of Entreamigos are high school and university students who have created small businesses to help supplement the costs of their education.  100% of the profits from their businesses go directly to the students.

Students participating in the program receive workshop support in the area of Art/Design, Business Plans, Marketing, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Computers and English.


The Gift Card business – RIE

A few months before the holidays in 2012, students began a small business of making gift cards hoping that people would purchase them during the busy christmas season.  The card project was successful and the students, together with many, many volunteer mentors have launched their ambitious business into the bigger world in hopes of continuing to support the costs of their college education.

The ea Cafe

The cafe at Entreamigos is run by scholarship students supplementing their education by working in the cafe.  The students practice their english, learn about hygiene and presentation and run all aspects of the cafe.

The Mango/Fruit Project

Every June and July the streets are littered with fallen mangoes.  There are so many mangoes in San Pancho that no one knows what to do with them.  The fruit project is a project to utilize this free and abundant resource and turn it into a viable small business.  Students have sold dried fruit, made marmalade and cut and frozen mango pulp for ice cream and smoothies.

Words from a few of the Youth Entrepreneurs

My name is Moises, I was born in San Francisco Nayarit, a little fishing village in  Mexico. I love playing music, until a year ago I was part of our town’s band “Turkezza”, but I left it to go to College in Puerto Vallarta. Now, I am studying the 1st year of Business Administration and when I get my degree I want to work and learn how to manage a business so I can start my own and help my family.

My name is Francisco Garcia Silva; I was born in La Placita, Michoacán. I live in San Francisco, Nayarit. I came here with my family 6 years ago. I’m 19 years old and I study Civil Engineering, my dream is to be a great engineer and to have my own construction company.

My name is Diana, I’m 17 years old, I’m from Nayarit and I live in San Pancho. I’m studying High School and in the afternoons I have a part-time job in the library of Entreamigos. I enjoy learning new stuff and visiting new places, I would like to get a law degree to help women in difficult situations.

My name is Rafael Garcia Silva, I’m 17 years old and I live in San Francisco Nayarit. I came here about six years ago and since then I´ve been part of Entreamigos scholarship program. I’m studying high school and I want to continue my education until I become a high rank captain of sea crafts, I like to learn about the sea and watch birds on my free time.

Why is it important to continue this program?

When students choose to advance their studies into high school or college it always requires that they travel outside of San Pancho.  In addition to travel costs, students require funds to cover meals, materials and the many special projects that are part of higher studies.  Some of these costs are covered in the Entreamigos scholarship program but many others requires additional resources.  Students often struggle to find the funds for all of these extra and necessary expenses.

In 2011 Entreamigos had a single student in college, in 2012 there were six students with another 20 due to enter college in the next few years.  As an organization we felt that it was urgent to find additional ways to support our growing student population.

The jovenes emprendedores (Youth Entrepreneurs) program is a great partnership of the students’ own ambition to contribute to their education costs and Entreamigos’ interest and experience in small businesses development.

The Youth Entrepreneur program receives funding support from:

The Left Tilt Fund
Loaded Board