Recicla San Pancho

RECICLA SAN PANCHO is a community recycling initiative funded and managed in a cooperative agreement between the organizations entreamigos and Alianza Jaguar A.C. in San Pancho. RECICLA SAN PANCHO began in 2008 with a grant from the Mexican Federal Environmental Agency, SEMARNAT and has grown to be one of the most recognized and productive community recycling centers on the western coast of Mexico.

RECICLA SAN PANCHO organizes recycling pick ups at local restaurants, businesses and schools.  Residents can drop off their recycling at the the Recycling collection center (at the back of entreamigos) or in one of the many recycling canisters located around San Pancho.  Home pick up is NOT an organized service of RECICLA SAN PANCHO but can be arranged directly with the staff member in charge of collection.

Currently RECICLA SAN PANCHO collects glass, aluminum and plastic in the canisters. Batteries are now being collected in blue plastic bins at most of the small grocery stores. Please take all cardboard directly to the Recycling collection center.

RECICLA SAN PANCHO has been focusing on finding innovative local uses for the recycled products and has spawned a series of small business enterprises for local residents.  Beautiful glasses are being made from recycled wine bottles, as well as candles, goblets and other products.  Women make belts and bracelets from soda can tabs, purses, picture frames and collage art from magazines, jewelry boxes from newspaper and orange peels and many other amazing products from items that were previously disregarded as trash. These items can be purchased in the ea Gallery. The proceeds from your purchase supports the Recycling program and educational programs at Entreamigos.